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My name is John Shenton and I work with companies large and small, around the world, providing management support services with the aim of improving business performance through people.

A significant part of my role is dealing with directors of business’s going through stage 1 and stage 2 growth where strategic plans require essential work to aid growth bringing together all elements of the business through finance, marketing, sales and delivery.

Growth also involves the more subjective side of the business management plan.

All companies go through change and when this involves people, we all want to ensure that we help employees and candidates secure a job role they will be happy in.

Profiling can help us in many ways from creating job descriptions, including hard and soft skills, through the recruitment process from beginning to end.

When changes occur in a business as it grows, I work with management at every level from the board down, to build a picture of the working strengths of each individual, and match those to jobs within the business.

Building teams that work well together creates a level of synergy within the business, improving performance and adding to the bottom line.

If you already use psychometric profiling to bring about much needed change to your business skills, linking personal awareness to better communication between people, or where you provide services to your clients who want access to profiling for recruitment and training, then  the Profile People offer you the chance to keep control of this information at your fingertips – in-house. You only need to pay for what you use, when you use it, no need for outside resources to charge your for their overheads.

We provide you with the profile information and we support your selected staff in the delivery of this information to your teams, as a communication tool.

Where we help you to understand the development needs of individuals and teams, we can offer your training personnel the guidance to develop profile based learning that will have real meaning for everyone involved and can add to bottom line performance. If you would like us to – we can provide this training for you.

Find out what you can learn about your own work strengths and what this will mean to your workforce.

Every business with more than 20 employees will be entitled to one free profile report linked to a current business e-mail address supported by a direct line contact number for personal feedback. Click the link above to your personal profile questionnaire and follow the instructions. It will only take ten minutes of your time – what is there to lose?

If you are a recruitment agency looking to add real value to the services your offer clients, limiting the need for unnecessary time spent on interviews that will not work for your client – contact me to discuss how we can help.

  • If you are leaving school or university and would like to understand how this might help you in your search for the perfect employment – contact me for more information.
  • If you are a senior school head or head of a University looking for clearer support for your students, contact me for further discussions about how we can help.

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