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What is profiling

Every business undergoes change and psychometric profiling can be an extremely useful tool for managing that change, whether that involves recruiting new staff or improving the performance of the existing team. Psychometric profiling is an objective, structured system that allows in-depth insights into...

DISC Benchmark Profiling

The Profile People provide DISC Benchmark Profiling to maximise individual and team productivity.
Benchmarking helps you better understand the people you manage, identifies their working strengths and which people management styles best supports them in the job roles they hold in your business.

Free 1-off Single DISC Profile

To demonstrate how useful the DISC profiling system can be to better understand your behaviour, your communication style and your work style, The Profile People would like to offer you your own free online DISC personal profile.
After you have completed the free online form our DISC profiling experts will provide one-to-one feedback to help you maximise the benefits of your personal profile results.

What we do in profiling

Every business undergoes change, and it is people who must implement any change. It is therefore in your interests to understand which of your people are best at handling the different aspects of any changes occurring in their teams...

DISC Recruitment Solutions

To support your recruitment requirements The Profile People work with companies and their recruitment agencies to identify the right candidate for the job role.
Providing full job profiles including hard skills, soft skills and competence levels, we use our DISC profiling experience to help you identify the most suitable candidates.

Job Profiling Services

Our profiling service extends into profiling individual jobs. Before starting the recruitment process it's important to fully understand the qualities a successful candidate needs to excel in the job role.
Our profiling experts can work with you to determine what skill sets are required for a specific role to ensure you successfully match an individuals profile to the job profile.

Why Choose The Profile People?

Profile-P offers a comprehensive, personal service to help you make the most of, and understand, the DISC Profiling system. Most profiling companies will provide you with a computer-generated report whereas the DISC System was designed to improve communication about working strengths and that's where The Profile People excel. Consulting and supporting businesses, with clients in Bournmouth, Dorset and across the UK.

DISC Team Profiling

Managing performance through teams in your business demands in-depth knowledge of the ways in which that performance is to be achieved.
Using DISC team profiling, The profile People help businesses design and build teams that excel at achieving business targets through communication tools to build awareness of each other’s skills across the team and by teaching and sharing profiling information.

DISC Manager training

Training both management and sales teams on how to better use their individual skills, will lead to increased performance, and the resultant positive results for the business.
The Profile People combine existing working skills with specific skill enhancement training and coaching directly in line with individual job requirements.
We also provide change management support to help staff understand and embrace planned changes within the business.

Understanding and interpreting the DISC profile, to support the recruitment process. We look forward to undertaking more on this with him as it really has led to more successful teams for our clients to grow. Don’t get your recruitment wrong, include that extra step to help your objectivity.

Charlie Ryan MREC DipRP

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