Business challenges for the year 2020

For this article to be valued by Directors and Managers and Staff we need to simplify the detail


  1. The UK has never experienced such a level of full employment
  2. Brexit has caused overseas candidates to reconsider their opportunities
  3. Staff surveys tell us that management are not considering their wellbeing
  4. HR’s role in the business has been overtaken by damage limitation requirements
  5. Business’s are subject to more and more regulation
  6. People live by the love they receive supported by on line applications
  • Loyalty is a diminishing factor in all walks of life – live for today
  • Management training has not kept up with the rate of change
  • Business growth rates diminish management focus on staff
  • Keeping existing staff becomes essential over hiring new staff to replace leavers.

Tick the lines above that could apply to your business – then ask two random managers and ten random staff to do the same – evaluate the responses.

Given that all of the responses confirm your own beliefs – you should have a plan in place to manage the coming year for your business.

If the answers are all different across the business – consider the possible impact on your existing staffing levels and what impact this will have on business performance for 2020.

Here are 10 numbers to put to the test with your managers and employees:

  1. 39% of employees feel they are not appreciated at work
  2. 14.9% lower staff turnover in companies that employee regular feedback
  3. 2X as likely to be less involved when their manager ignores them
  4. 30X more likely to be involved when manager feedback is positive
  5. 4 tenths of employees actively disengaged when ignored by their manager
  6. The feedback gap – 43% engagement versus 18% when managers don’t communicate
  7. 65% workers requested more feedback
  8. 58% of managers think they are good at feedback
  9. 98% of employees will be engaged by regular feedback
  10. 69% employees said they would actively work harder with regular positive feedback

Given these prove to be even partially true in your organisation – what plans will you be able to put in place tomorrow that will be different to the way you handle these challenges today.

Change management requires a kick start.

It often needs an external view to remind you what is happening today.

It often helps to speed up the process if you can employ someone who already has a range of options in place.

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