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When your business needs the best people

in the right job roles


Pyschometric Profiles

The best type of profile is the simplest one that everyone can understand and make use of in a day. We use the DISC profile system as communicatiaon tool. We support the feedback that gives everyone the chance to show their working strengths in the best light.

Team Profiling

Individuals working well make life easier for management. People working together as a team significantly improves output. Communication skills are enhanced making everyone aware of other member’s key skill sets saving time and energy delivering solutions.

Job Profiling

We support managers in the creation and understanding of meaningful job profiles. Matching people to jobs significantly improves work performance and will have an impact on the bottom line.

Recruitment support

Every business undergoes change. Some small others much more significant. People come and go for many reasons. Understanding all of these factors can greatly improve performance over time. We support both incoming and outgoing personnel and management in understanding how to make the best of change.

Case Studies

The wrong sales team

A computer sales business changed their sales offering from product to services. A team of over 12 sales people whose skills were best suited to product sales did not suit the new style of selling. Remixing the team with solution style sales staff increased turnover and profit margins significantly whilst halving the number of sales in the team overall thus reducing overheads.

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small business basics

In a small business most of the people end up doing more than one job. This happens without any real design and things are “made to work” on a day to day basis. One company had two advisers dealing with clients, one direct the other indirect. They were in the wrong roles to suit their working strengths. Just swapping roles increased business performance almost overnight.

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PJ Stevens – Consultant, Board Advisor, Executive Coach.

John is a bit like that Ronseal advert, ‘It does what it says on the tin!’ I find John to be honest, to the point, knowledgeable, supportive and challenging.This means he is good value, gets things done for clients and helps them on their business journey at the individual level and the wider business level. He is passionate about profiling (for which I use John) and about risk management in business where we are doing more work together

Charlie Ryan MREC DipRP

John’s experience on team building and sales is fantastic. He has been so informative in terms of his knowledge, understanding and interpreting the DISC profile, to support the recruitment process. We look forward to undertaking more on this with him as it really has led to more successful teams for our clients to grow. Don’t get your recruitment wrong, include that extra step to help your objectivity. Thanks John

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