Job Placement support programmes

Is your search for a job causing you STRESS?

Stress only works well for those who spend their day living on the edge. For the remainder, stress acts as a
negative enabler causing them to add to the stress by making poor decisions.

Which of these suits your profile and what can you do about it?

The Profile People have been working with students and directors from all over the world, who are
suffering from stress related activities, searching for work.

The first challenge is to bring to light all of your working strengths in a way that you can begin to refine
your search for a job, that will enable you to offer solid reasons for the company to consider you as an

The next challenge is for you to be able to work to an agreed plan, that will open doors to companies who
may be able to offer you an “IN”. To do this we offer you personal MENTOR to guide your activities and to
show you how to approach new potential employers.

Once you have an agreed interview date and time, our MENTOR will work with you to outline your
strongest approach, given your working strengths and the company’s likely candidate requirements. These
will be a mix of hard skills and soft skills, to which we can help you bring the argument of competence and

How will this work for you? You have no job and therefore no free money to pay for our support

We would normally charge you on an hourly rate, but we will set this aside until you have worked in your
new job role for one month, at which time, we would set in motion a twelve month plan to recoup our

To add to this offer, if you lose your job or chose to leave within that twelve months, we will set aside the
remainder of what you owe as long as you come back to let us help you into the next job offer, at which
point the same contract restarts to include any outstanding charges.

You get our knowledge and experience plus any contacts we have who may be able to help you. You don’t
have to pay until you are receiving a salary. You get more than one chance to make a success for yourself.
What’s not to like.

We will have limited availability to ensure we are able to back potential candidates who really need our
help. First come first served. Fill out our online profile now and we will call you back to discuss your

The Profile People have been working with students and business directors across UK and US markets, to
bring about a simpler way to find and match potential employees to job roles that are not being met by
traditional agencies.

We work with both sides to bring about a clear understanding of how the candidate will be fit, willing and
able to take on the role described, and to work themselves up to a success level that meets or exceeds the
needs of your business.

To be able to do this, we need to be able to work with both parties to ensure that everyone comes
together for that first interview with no misunderstandings.

We will bring about a clear process for the interviewer to be able to work with, that removes
prejudgement or personal bias. We will bring about an understanding for the interviewee about how to
relate with the interviewer, such that both parties can be objective about the final decision and that it will
work in favour for both.

We will be charging both parties a fair and equitable amount such that we only get paid after the candidate
has been with the company for one month, and then we will split the bill over a twelve month period.

You as an employer may choose to pay the job holders charges as well as your own and you will still not be
paying as much as you would an agency, and your cashflow will not be impacted all in one go.

What’s not to like. Call us today if you would like to take part

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