Looking into the future for business 2023

If working from home isn’t working?

Let’s get back to basics and understand the human impact.

We all understand that one of the biggest complaints businesses face, is poor

We now understand more about the effects that social media is having on the ability for
people to hide behind the cloud, allowing them to bring about negativity into discussions.

Add to this the need that some people have for retaining their personal space, whilst
offering their view of how the world must operate to suit them, and we can begin to build a
picture of what to look out for with people working from home.

Add the effect of the Union powers operating in the political spectrum to bring about
negative changes to our preferred way of rewarding success, and we begin to understand
how the WOKE CULTURE is now able to cause business owners to pass responsibility for the
running of the business, to the people least able to understand the big picture.

Now let’s turn our attention to the ability of management to be allowed to manage, and we
find ourselves deep in the mire of health and safety, and all of the legal conundrums
designed to protect individuals, without thought for the losses these will eventually bring

Strong management should not be feared as long as it is FAIR and can be seen to be so.
A job offer is just that, clearly ever so SIMPLE. An offer of a job in return for a wage agreed
at the time, with the associated terms and conditions.

Unfortunately, we do not apply this principal for all school learning as a prequal for the
process by which we agree to live our working life. Parent Teacher contracts?
Management now takes on the role of managing the profitability of the business in order to
be able to fulfil all of the agreed contracts.

Allowing staff to join a union, does not mean that the union now takes full responsibility for
ensuring the business makes sufficient money to continue paying the staff in line with their
formal contract, and therefore, staff should be asked to sign for a part of their contract, that
prevents them from removing their labour, at the request of the union.

This is a FAIR AND REASONABLE contract and one that can be upheld by removing work or
remuneration by the company, in the event that the contract is broken.

The unions in turn should be asked to accept that to be allowed into a company, their role is
limited to the protection of the rights of employees outside of any contract already agreed

From the outset, everyone now has a CHOICE. It is a FREE choice. To work for the company,
or to find a job that will let them strike.

The company can now willingly work WITH the union representatives, to ensure working
conditions and management styles are both effective and acceptable, with regard to
ensuring the success of the business. This remains everyone’s PRIMARY OBJECTIVE.
And so, onto the allowance of Working from home.

The contract you signed from the very start, will have laid out who, what, how, when and
where you will be agreeing to work. This will have been designed as part of the overall
business plan, to ensure customer satisfaction resulting in continued profitability.

Exceptions to the above could arise and should be considered as part of the initial contract,
that allow changes to working practises when things outside of the control of the business

Returns to the original terms should now be at the discretion of the management of the
business whose job it is to protect the workers from losing their jobs as the result of a loss
of profits.

A get out clause can now be added to the contract to ensure that if either the individual or
the union decide not to follow terms and conditions, then the contract should be
terminated without causing a legal battle for unfair dismissal. A new contract could be
offered that covers the wishes of the individual, as long as a job profile can be designed to
meet the needs of the business, but this would be likely to mean the removal of an element
of the pay and conditions rewards as a result. This retains the element of FAIR FREE CHOICE.
Looking at everyone from top management to the worker on the shop floor, it can clearly be
seen that they must all agree that they have a role to play in the success of the business as a
fundamental part of that PRIMARY OBJECTIVE.

Management must now be clever enough to be able to provide incentives that offer staff
the opportunity to earn more money based on the success of the business, which in turn
must be communicated to the workforce in a way they understand and are committed to.
This in turn will impact of the returns for investors, and any bonus payments to

It removes the need for people to refuse to work together in an office, where this level of
communication forces everyone to face the outcome of any negativity they might otherwise
have been allowed to offer, hidden from view behind a computer terminal.
Motivation levels can now be managed for everyone, which is simply not possible when
working conditions are being met in the home environment, surrounded by animals,
children, neighbours, friends, and people who just enjoy interfering.

The structure of society has been built on people working together for the benefit of
everyone. To allow woke culture to deliver us into a fractured world is only going to result in
the eventual collapse of life as we know it.

It really is time for management to accept the role of managing, working objectively rather
than subjectively, as a primary route to that success.

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