About Us

Our Journey

The Profile People was founded in 1999 by John Shenton, a seasoned leader with extensive experience across various departments of international business. John’s career highlights include:

  • Leading teams of 12 managers and over 120 staff to provide top-level client support.
  • Developing software applications to offer maintenance clients financial alternatives to fixed annual contracts.
  • Introducing the first laser printer to the UK from the USA ahead of IBM.
  • Creating partner teams for high-risk corporate business move programs in the UK.
  • Serving as General Manager for Nokia IS UK.
  • Contributing to an IT company’s revenue growth from £7M to £12M, increasing gross profit from 30% to over 60% in under three years, while halving the sales force and redesigning the sales process.
4 jigsaw pieces being put togeter

Our Expertise

With over 15 years of experience as a trained psychometric profiler, John Shenton has completed thousands of profiles. Today, Profile-P leverages this vast experience to mentor people managers, utilising the “DISC” profiling system and “PERSUIT” continuous improvement.

Unlike other profiling services, we emphasise personal communication—both one-on-one and group interactions—to ensure the total commitment of every employee and their teams.

Our Approach

At Profile-P, we believe in a straightforward approach to profiling services. Our process ensures that businesses fully understand and utilise the valuable information obtained from profiles.

We recognise that every job role comprises two significant parts: objective hard skills and subjective soft skills. By working in partnership, these elements provide clarity for strategic logic and short-term planning.

Partnering for Success

To meet specific business needs, we collaborate with selected partners specialising in areas such as HR and recruitment. Our goal is to support and enhance the capabilities of people managers, driving continuous improvement and fostering a deeper understanding within the business.

Request your free profile today and discover how Profile-P can help unlock the full potential of your team.