Build On Strengths

The starting point for change, is understanding where you are now, and how your team functions.

We look at the whole team and assess their individual strengths to create a benchmarking profile.

Then you can understand who is comfortable in their role and hence worth keeping. Conversely, you will also be able to identify anyone who is under pressure, and perhaps make changes that will result in them being more comfortable.

As business develops and you need to introduce change, this benchmarking profile will become an extremely useful tool in building effective teams.

People come and go in all businesses, but by having your benchmarking profile prepared, should someone leave the business, you will be able to identify the ideal type of person you need as a replacement based on that profile.

Understanding and interpreting the DISC profile, to support the recruitment process. We look forward to undertaking more on this with him as it really has led to more successful teams for our clients to grow. Don’t get your recruitment wrong, include that extra step to help your objectivity.

Charlie Ryan MREC DipRP