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We understand that recruitment can seem like a daunting prospect, so our recruitment support service is there to assist you in finding the right people first time.

When your benchmarking profile is in place, we can understand the qualities we should be looking for in someone suitable to join your business and then by profiling the job we can understand any additional qualities relating to the particular job.

Then by introducing personal profiling for the candidates we can match their work skills plus personality traits to assess whether they would be a suitable fit both for the job in question and the wider business environment.

Recruitment can be both time consuming and expensive particularly if a recent recruit leaves the business after just a few weeks or months so let us assist you in finding the right person first time.

Job Profiling

Our profiling service can extend into profiling individual jobs so that you are aware of the likely qualities any successful candidate should possess. Job profiling will not only include the work skills required but also a mix of soft skills that will help identify the most suitable candidates. Our job profiling service can also be an investment for the future. Should you need someone to fill an identical role, or you need a replacement for whatever reason, the job profile may well be used again.

Job Descriptions

By using our profiling experience, we can help you create job description that are much more than a simple list of tasks. Obviously, the work skills or qualifications required for any position should be included but we can identify some of the soft skills that the ideal candidate would need to possess and add these to the job description. Hence, we are then more likely to attract applications from people who can not only do the job well but are more likely to fit and be happy in the working environment, and not waste time on those who probably would not be a good fit. Recruitment can start with a job description so by getting those descriptions to attract applications from the most suitable candidates we can help make the whole process less daunting and much more efficient.

Compared to the cost and problems of taking on someone who presents well at interview but doesn’t live up to expectations his services are very reasonable indeed. I would recommend John to any business looking to recruit staff or requiring mentoring services.

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