Importance of Company values

How Important is your company’s value statement and is it based on… CHOICES?

We naturally live in two worlds. One where we make our own choices and suffer the consequences of bad ones, and one where we expect others to make our choices ...
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Student job search and student profiling

Job Placement support programmes

Is your search for a job causing you STRESS? Stress only works well for those who spend their day living on the edge. For the remainder, stress acts as anegative ...
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Can I trust you for looking into the future for business

Has our financial world moved too far in favour of the rich?

Society relies on an acceptable balance between therichest and the poorest. Governments and the Bank of England have been tasked with maintaining a balance thatthe mass population are able to ...
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Looking into the future for business 2023

If working from home isn’t working? Let’s get back to basics and understand the human impact. We all understand that one of the biggest complaints businesses face, is poorcommunication. We ...
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What can you do for your business post COVID-19?

It’s all about helping others first

The great thing about someone who takes the plunge, leaves a safe job to start their own business, is their endless energy and enthusiasm. Let nothing stand in their way! ...
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What can you do for your business post COVID-19

The links between individual and team performance based on benchmarking

I have already outlined the first need of 2020 to be staff retention, giving the obvious reasons for this. I have suggested that the first step on the road to ...
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