What is Profiling

What is Profiling

Every business undergoes change and psychometric profiling can be an extremely useful tool for managing that change, whether that involves recruiting new staff or improving the performance of the existing team.

Psychometric profiling is an objective, structured system that allows in-depth insights into an individual’s  working strengths and psychological characteristics such as personality, attitude, motivation, intelligence, aptitude etc.

It is widely used when recruiting, as it can objectively assess the links between the working strengths required by the job description to those of the applicant. Building a successful team is more than just recruiting for one person, the strength of a team lies in the compatibility of one member to another and the teams fit to their clients’ requirements, likely performance, potential and fit of each candidate as well as a comparative view of all applicants.

Profiling can also provide a valuable insight into the sort of people you’ve got in your team by assessing their preferred working methods, their personality and how they could react to change. With that information you will be better equipped to make change a positive experience for everyone involved.

Understanding and interpreting the DISC profile, to support the recruitment process. We look forward to undertaking more on this with him as it really has led to more successful teams for our clients to grow. Don’t get your recruitment wrong, include that extra step to help your objectivity.

Charlie Ryan MREC DipRP

The Benefits to You

psychometric profiling allows you to adopt a more targeted approach to recruitment or team development.

Save time

by focussing your efforts on those you know will be a good match to the requirements of the job.

Save money

by making the right choice first time.

Save resource

people come and go for many different reasons but by matching psychological characteristics to the requirements for the job you are far more likely to build a happy and long-lasting team.

Make better business decisions

having more information before you make important business decision can only lead to better decision making.


As businesses grow the need to change is inevitable. The more information available before decisions on change are made, the better those decisions are likely to be.

People are the rock that businesses are built upon. It is imperative to have people in roles that suit their strengths in order to keep the business running efficiently.

Mistakes can be costly, whether that relates to employing someone not ideally suited to the job, and when they leave having to go through the recruitment process again, or members of a team not working well together because they are not aware of each other’s strengths when looking for support.

Psychometric profiling is an objective structured system, that allows an in-depth insight into an individual, enabling management to match the person to the job role by more than just their hard skills. With soft skills making up over 50 % of a performance assessment, this makes sense.