It’s all about helping others first

The great thing about someone who takes the plunge, leaves a safe job to start their own business, is their endless energy and enthusiasm. Let nothing stand in their way!


Now every business must grow, and with growth come a number of challenges.


This book is written to support those “managers” in their search for success.


You can pick it up, pick a module to test your own view of how your business works, or needs to adapt.


It offers a pathway to learning for the new to business management manager.


If you would like to add to my content, please e-mail me and I will include some or all of your thoughts as I expand sections into “one hour discussion modules for teams”.


I can recommend Module 7 Communications – the biggest single challenge.


 I am in the process of developing a simple app that will show you why your business meetings are failing, or going in a certain direction, and what you can do to get them on track.


If you find it useful, please tell your friends, and thank you for your support.

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