National Account Manager

International Trading Organisation
Salary range: £19000 plus commission

This is not a typical sales role. It is ideal for the inexperienced graduate to develop their skills

  • Selling is a skill set that takes time to learn.
  • Business Management is a skill set that takes years to learn.

Bringing these two learning programmes together is the best of both worlds.

You will be using the working strengths outlined for you by The Profile People to gain an interview.

The Profile People will liaise on your behalf with the company to outline why they should offer you an interview.

The Profile People will advise you how to “sell your working strengths” FOR THIS JOB.

Now it’s up to you.

Get a job offer and The Profile People will work with both you and the company to undertake an ONBOARDING PROGRAMME

At the end of month one in the job – you set up a monthly standing order (or the company agrees to pay it for you, along with their costs for recruitment), payable for 12 months in equal instalments.

You leave the company at any time for any reason (to be evaluated by The Profile People) and all payments cease – no questions.

You can reapply to The Profile People to continue your job search.

To apply please send your details to [email protected] and include your contact telephone number so that we can begin the process on your behalf.

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